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ABC's of Auto Transport

              It’s that time of year again.  The snow is finally gone (sigh of relief), and the weather is warming up.  To all those people who fled to the warmer climates of Florida and California…it’s time to come home!  Among all the preparations that have to be made, the biggest headache of all can be California to New York auto transport.  To ensure that it’s done correctly, it’s important to be an educated consumer.  

                 The first thing to know is that auto transport is not an exact science.  Time estimates and price quotes can vary, based on many factors.  When getting price quotes from auto transporters, usually, the earlier you call, the cheaper the rates will be.  As you get closer to the dates you’d like, prices will go up.  Rates vary based on the car’s make and model, distance of the journey, choosing an open or closed carrier, and of course, gas prices.  Choosing door to door service or 24 hour transport will also hike up the price.  The price will also vary based on how many automobiles are scheduled for that transport. works tirelessly to offer you the cheapest rates possible.

Consumers should also be aware that auto transporters have to deal with uncontrollable factors, such as traffic, inclement weather, and customers who can be late dropping off or picking up their car.  Therefore, a time estimate is precisely that: an estimate.  Pick up should be within a time frame of 2 or 3 days.  The journey should then take approximately a week.  Although we are human and can’t make traffic vanish with our magic wand, at we make every effort to transport your car as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Our customer service staff is always available to help with any problems you might encounter.

                At, we have the resources to work with you and any specialized requests you may have.  We offer door to door service, as opposed to just picking up and dropping off your car at the nearest terminal.  It’s important to keep in mind, however, that door to door usually means the nearest open, spacious parking lot, such as a supermarket or shopping mall.  This is because auto transport carriers are extremely heavy and long and may not be allowed in residential areas due to narrow streets or low-hanging tree limbs which may impede the auto carrier.  We also offer closed carriers, which is like a garage on wheels, for very valuable cars, such as classic cars.  In addition, for customers with tight schedules, we offer 24 hour pickup service.

                Before finalizing your car transport, it is vitally important to check that your auto transporter is fully insured.  Some companies are not insured and can therefore offer lower rates, but if they’re caught the cars are impounded.  Instead of saving money, you end up losing by far.  At, we are fully insured; however, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that his insurance provides coverage, too.

                Once all these details are finalized, your car needs to be prepared for transport.  The gas tank should be one quarter full, so there is enough gas to drive your vehicle on and off the carrier, but not too much gas so as not to add extra weight.  All personal items should be removed from the vehicle, as they are not covered by insurance.  If you chose, you can now rest assured that your car will be transported worry-free.


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