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NY Auto Transport to Florida

Best Qoutes for NY Auto Transport to Florida

 People may require auto transport services for a variety of reasons. A common one is that of snowbirds who are traveling south for the winter. Usually relegated to middle aged and older people, they don’t want to make such a long drive, and appreciate the comfort of their own car during the winter in the sunny states. Auto transport from New York to Florida and California is common in the early winter months, such as November and December, and vice versa. There is a lot of transport from Florida to New York and California to New York as spring starts to arrive.

 During these times of mass transit, it is important to book auto transport with a reliable company that will charge a reasonable price. Booking in advance is key, for as it gets closer to peak travel times, prices rise. The average price for auto transport from New York to Florida and vice versa is between $650 and $1000. Although this may seem steep, the price includes gas, tolls, food, lodging, insurance, and labor. Most transporters also factor into the cost of transport the distance of the journey. New York to Florida is approximately 1,288 miles. Driving at a speed of sixty miles an hour, the trip would take about eighteen hours, without any stops for gas, rest stops, or traffic. That is a significant undertaking, and one that is taken care of for you with auto transport.

 For added security, some auto transporters use state of the art tracking systems that allow clients to track the progress of their vehicle during transport. Transit time may vary between companies, but is usually three to five days, give or take a few, based on extenuating circumstances. It is important to remember that traffic, the weather, and other factors may delay transport, so flexibility is necessary. Using New York to Florida auto transport during the winter also means that there is a big possibility of inclement weather, causing significant delays.

 When using a reliable company, auto transport should be a convenient and hassle free experience. It is important to compare price quotes and book in advance, so that you get the most bang for your buck. Once your car has arrived, you can relax and enjoy your vacation!


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