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Auto Transport Price Factors

Selecting a company to transport your vehicle can be a confusing and daunting task.  The need to transport a vehicle usually arises during a busy and hectic time.  Military personnel who are relocating, college students, business transfers, and families who are moving, are all preoccupied with countless details besides for transporting their vehicle.  Therefore it is of utmost importance to choose an honest, reputable auto transporter.  The most effective way to secure a good price is to be organized and to shop for price quotes in advance. 

                There are three major factors to take into consideration when shopping for auto transport price quotes.  First, is the distance you wish to transport your car.  Second, is the size and value of the car.  The third factor is the time of year. 

                Auto transporters charge a certain price per mile.  Obviously, the greater the distance of the transport, the higher the price will be.  Due to daily fluctuations in gas prices, this is one factor that will cause price quotes to change constantly.  Shipping a car to Hawaii can also increase the price, as the car needs to be transported by land and by sea. 

                The size, make, and model of the car will also cause variations in price.  Regular sized sedans which take up only one spot on auto carriers will be one price.  Large SUV’s, vans, and other large vehicles that take up more than one spot on the carrier will cause the price to rise dramatically.  The make and model of the car, which mostly determine its value, will also affect the price.  The higher the value of the car, the more insurance for transporting the vehicle will cost.  Cars which are extremely pricey, such as exotic or classic cars being transported to and from auctions and car shows, are usually loaded by full lift gates into closed containers or enclosed transporters for special protection, and will cost $800 to $3000 extra. 

                The time of year will also cause differences in price.  During the cold winter months people tend to stay put.  This drives price quotes for auto transport down.  The peak season for auto transport is during the summer.  Since the weather is warm and does not interfere with driving, and children are off from school, medical personnel, business transfers, and other families tend to move during this time.  College students beginning as freshmen are also moving off to college for the fall semester.  This drives car shipping prices 200 to 300 dollars higher. 

                There are a number of other factors to take into consideration when shopping for price quotes.  If you don’t live near any terminals, it can cost extra to drive your car to the nearest terminal, such as an Alaskan transport being driven to a terminal in Seattle, Washington.  Land shipments might also have a limited number of terminals for pick up and drop off.  For example, a car being transported to New York City might be dropped off in a nearby terminal in New Jersey.  The owner might have to pay extra to have it dropped off in New York City.  Cars that are not in working order might be charged extra for loading difficulties.  The number of cars in a transport can also affect the price.  The fuller the transport is, the lower the price will be.  Some auto transporters offer discounts if more than one car is transported to the same location.

                In conclusion, savvy shoppers need to be organized and shop for price quotes in advance to secure the best deal for transporting their vehicle.





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