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Green Auto Transport

   With a growing awareness of the green revolution, more and more people are trying to revamp their lifestyles in ways that will make it more eco-friendly. Many people willingly switch their household products to greener options, but an area that is sadly lacking is that of auto transport. When considering a major move, remember that the carbon footprint left on the planet will be huge, by shipping many possessions and transferring everything to a new location. It can be easy to make the process of car shipping more eco-friendly with a little bit of effort.

   If a family owns more than one car, it is a good idea to send one car by way of an auto transport company, and drive to their destination in the other car. In this way, there is less carbon emission, with multiple cars being sent on one truck. Car manufacturers, in particular, often send auto haulers out half empty. A good idea would be for companies to collaborate and send cars to a common destination on one flatbed or enclosed auto transport trailer. Car manufacturers send so many cars to dealers around the country that this could make a big difference in the amount of long trips made by auto transporters.

   Americans who buy American cars could also help the environment, and the economy as an added bonus, because cars coming from overseas, such as Toyota cars, which are shipped from Japan, cause the emission of tons of fuel on their long journey to the car dealer.

   Private auto transport, if scheduled in advance, could also help the environment. When preparing the schedule, auto transport companies try to schedule pickups and drop-offs of cars in orderly succession, following a logical route that uses the least possible driving time. Not all car shipping companies offer emergency or 24 hour pickup, but those who do often go out of their way to pick up the car in question. This may mean that a significant amount of extra fuel is burned. 

   Many auto transporters also offer door to door pickup and drop-off, or terminal to terminal auto transport. If this is possible, the terminal to terminal choice may be more eco-friendly, and more economical. This is because the auto transport trailer does not go out of his way to pick up the car; the terminal is usually much closer to the original route.

   From a green perspective, the most optimal method of auto transport is by rail, but this is often not possible due to restrictions in pickup and drop off locations. However, it might be a good idea to find out if it is possible to transport your vehicle by train, and have it complete the last leg of the journey to its specific destination by auto transport truck. This greatly reduces the length of the journey the auto hauler will make.

   There are many ways in which auto transport can help reduce the carbon footprint we are leaving on the environment. All that is necessary is some advance planning, and a little bit of caring and effort to research the available options. is dedicated to ensuring maximum conservation of energy and resources in the auto transport field. We do everything in our power to reduce the amount of carbon emissions being released on the universe.


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