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When should you use an open or enclosed auto transport carrier?

When you hand over your car to an auto transport service, it’s important to know which type of carrier you want. There are two types of auto carriers, the first being an open auto carrier and the second being an enclosed auto carrier. Though both types are effective in getting your vehicle to its destination, there are differences between the two. An open auto carrier is the least expensive car transport carrier service. An open auto carrier is just as effective as an enclosed auto carrier. However, it is the most popular among those who require car transport services. An open auto carrier carries your car on an outside platform.

An enclosed auto carrier carries your car inside of a truck. Enclosed auto carriers are good in the sense that they protect your car from the elements. Which method you choose will ultimately depend on how highly you value your vehicle. If you have an expensive vehicle, you may want to get an enclosed auto carrier. An enclosed auto carrier is more protective, because your vehicle won’t bang up against other vehicles, which could cause damage.

Vehicles placed in enclosed carriers are also protected from debris that may come from the road or other vehicles. If you’re worried about road conditions or weather, it may be in your best interest to get an enclosed auto carrier. Custom-built cars and motorcycles are typically safer in enclosed auto carriers, because there is no potential for the vehicle to be smashed.

Rain snow and wind have the potential to damage your car’s body and paint. In spite of the benefits of enclosed carriers, the vast majority of vehicle owners choose open transport carriers. Open transport carriers are good for those who don’t mind their vehicle being exposed to the elements. Because it is the least expensive option, open transport auto carriers are the better choice, because the price is lower. For customers who have basic cars, they may not need the extra protection of an enclosed auto carrier. The most important thing is to get your automobile to its destination.


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